The Rural Klamath Connects (RKC) Network is working to support our local producers interested in starting or promoting an agritourism business venture.  Agritourism takes on many forms including farm stands, farm/ranch stays, tours, tastings, and other ways to allow visitors to interface with local agriculture.  RKC is committed to connecting farmers/ranchers/dairies to economic development and entrepreneurial resources to assist new agritourism business start-ups.

The RKC Network held an Ag Meet and Greet event in Malin last spring to share more about our work and provide information and resources in a casual environment.  We have complied some helpful information on state and local resources available to potential agritourism operators.  Please use the link below to access the information.  The Network is also looking for ways to support existing agritourism efforts through local partnerships and marketing opportunities.

RKC Agritourism Resources