The goal of our Volunteer section is to connect volunteers with opportunities. Organizations can create an account, or log in, and post information about their volunteer opportunity. Creating an account gives access to the calendar and directory as well. Volunteers can sort and view these opportunities, and get in contact. This can be done over the phone, on your tablet, or on your computer.

For Volunteers

If you’re a volunteer looking to help your community, you’ve come to the right place! You can sort and search through our listings, and if you find one you like you can contact the owner directly or through the “I want to help!” form. Here’s how:

Searching and Filtering

There are three ways that you can navigate through volunteer opportunities. You can switch views using the three buttons at the top right of the interface. The three view modes are:

  • List View
    This is the default view mode. View a generated, mobile-friendly list of opportunities, starting from the newest first.
  • Grid View
    This view mode displays events in a boxed format so you can see many listings on one screen.
  • Map View
    Displays listings geographically with an interactive Google Map.

At the top of the interface is the search bar. You can search by name or by location. By clicking the cog icon in the location text box, you can search for organizations next to you by clicking “Get My Location” and setting the radius.

You can also sort events using filters, located on the top left of the interface.

Getting in Touch

At the top of an individual listing, you will find numerous ways to get in touch. You’ll also find the Location of the volunteer opportunity, as well as the Organization Address, if you want to stop by.

At the top of the listing page, you can find the Address, Phone Number, Email Address and Website. You can also find the Contact Person, and that person’s Contact Availability (when to call that person) as you read down the listing’s info.

At the bottom of the listing page, there are three tabs. The I want to help! section displays by default. Simply fill out the form, include any other information you think is important, and click Submit!

However you’re comfortable getting in touch – whether it’s in-person, over the phone or by email, we’ve got you covered.